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Bio Keto Kaps (3 packs for the price of 2 )

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Bio Keto Healthy and useful and very safe All ingredients imported, natural and organic (meaning that the plants planted without pesticides or fertilizer chemicals and the land is pure and clean, without any fertilizer or chemical) No side effect.
Totally Save for patients with diabetics, blood pressure, liver, thyroid .
pregnancy and lactation

Suitable for children and adults

The Ingredients :
– blueberry
– African mango seed extract
– Green tea leaf extract
– Anhydrous caffeine
– Apple cider vinegar extract: apple cider vinegar (1:4)
– Iodine
– Grape seed extract

The Indications :

Weight management
Burn fat

Adjust your metabolism levels

Appetite suppression

Uses :
one capsule 3 times daily  before 30 mins of eating
Storage in kept dry place away from sunlight

National Food Safety Authority registration number 1456/2021


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Bio Keto Natural Weight Loss Capsules


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