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General questions

Sale policy through the clinic or the page, because there is a follow-up with Dr. Khaled Abdel Aziz for free with the course

The course is very safe because it is a group of vegetables and fruits that are all organic and do not contain an atom of chemicals Also, Dr. Khaled Abdel Aziz does the follow-up himself throughout the course for free, and does not leave you until you are satisfied with the result

In the sense that we feed every organ in the human body (brain cells – nerves – liver – heart) that we can nourish a particular organ, by certain means of some foods so that it gives better efficiency or function
Example: comprehensive nutrition: obesity / underweight / athletes / people with diseases (pressure – sugar)
Cholesterol / patients in intensive care
They are treated through certain foods that improve the functions of the body’s organs

Questions about slimming and losing weight

Natural fibers to fill the appetite: we can prepare it with the taste we desire
Method of preparation: the green box before lunch and the red box before dinner
– We empty a packet on a quarter cup of water and stir well until we reach a slightly frozen texture like cerelac and take it with spoon before lunch and half an hour before dinner.

The water can be replaced by:
– Any juice you like from the allowed fruits without sugar, with Diet Bio African sugar or with honey
– We can add a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, vanilla or basil flavor
¼ cup of milk instead of ¼ cup of water
– ¼ teaspoon raw chocolate powder
And then we drink from one liter to 2 liters of water

With our product, you receive a diet in open quantities and it contains most types of food and most of it is home food, it does not contain special foods at all, this system is global and recommended by the World Health Organization, and it is completely different from the words on social media
And there is also a free online follow-up with Dr. Khaled Abdel Aziz

If the appetite is open and we cannot control it, then the solution is in the natural fibers to fill the breath and appetite with its new composition, and your weight will go down without starvation or deprivation.
The average weight loss is from 6 to 8 kilos per month, which is the global average for weight loss with high mental capacity and the body’s preservation of vitality

Natural fiber is 100 types of vegetables and fruits combined with nanofiber technology, which is converted into powder, and because it is vegetables and fruits, it has no side effects and is suitable for all ages and weights.
There are two types of packages (a package after lunch and a package after dinner)
How to make it: a quarter cup of water and stir well until we reach a slightly frozen texture like cerelac and take it with spoon before lunch and half an hour before dinner.
The fiber in the stomach is like a sponge that absorbs water and grows and fills the stomach and remains in the stomach for long periods until it remains full for 24 hours

The advantages of natural fibers as a natural gastric balloon
Giving a sense of satiety and suppressing appetite throughout the day to lose weight
Increasing the beneficial bacteria for the stomach, improving the functions of the digestive system, and improving the efficiency of the colon
Improving blood glucose levels for diabetics
Improvement in the level of fat in the liver
– Improved ovarian fat
– Preventing stomach and colon cancer
-Improve the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood
Suitable for adults,  children, diabetes and high blood pressure patients

The box contains two types of natural fibers, one that dissolves in water and one that does not dissolve in water in the same bag
Natural fiber is rich in vitamins and minerals and is supported by chromium and vitamin D. It consists of more than 100 types of fruits and vegetables grown in the organic way and prepared by nanofiber method, which is the latest way to preserve the active substance with high quality and efficiency, very safe for patients with diabetes, pressure, cholesterol, heart, liver and kidney diseases.
Natural fibers are suitable for the elderly, children, and during pregnancy and lactation

When using Bio-Keto capsules, the difference will appear after the first two weeks, as it increases the rate of burning fat from the body and full areas of the body (such as the buttocks, hands, arm, rumen and thighs, and helps them burn only the accumulated excess fat).

Bio-Keto capsules (burning capsule) increase the rate of burning fat in the body, that is, burn only the excess stored fat in the body

How to use the Natural Bio-Keto Burning Capsule
We drink two cups of water with the capsule and then immediately after that we drink a cup of hot water without any additives at all and drink it in the manner of drinking tea, hot water is the one that activates the action of the capsule because it is an extract of medicinal plants

The only Bio-Keto capsules in Egypt and the Arab world are very, very safe for patients with heart, liver, kidneys, pressure and sugar
During breastfeeding and pregnancy
And children and adults
It has no effect on the brain or psyche at all

Bio Keto capsules increase the rate of burning fat in the body through the natural ketones secreted by the body, and it increases the rate of its stimulation and secretion, thus increasing the burning rate completely far from the thyroid gland, even thyroid patients and those who stop burning fat Bio Keto helps them very much in restoring the burning rate natural

Questions about weight gain and thinness treatment

If your appetite is completely blocked and you cannot eat or your burning rate is high …. The solution remains Biolin herbal product with its new formula to treat thinness to open breath and appetite and control burning to the normal rate. You will gain weight. The average weight gain for children and adults is from 4 to 6 kilograms per month, which is the global average for weight gain with high mental capacity and maintaining the body of vitality and activity

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through various means of communication

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